“I am trained in CPR, I did the Heimlich, it did not work, my daughter was dying in front of me. LifeVac saved her life. Please have a LifeVac. It is priceless!”

Claire Duvall, Mother


Lifevac is a portable, non-powered suction device that should be used to clear an upper airway obstruction when the Heimlich Maneuver fails or can not be performed on a choking victim . LifeVac is designed with a patented one-way valve. This patented valve prevents air from pushing food or objects downward. A one-way suction is created to remove  lodged food or objects from an upper airway. Anyone can be trained to use the LifeVac.

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Your Purchase Includes:

· One LifeVac Complete with Patented One-Way Valve.

· One Pediatric Mask

· One Adult Mask

· One Practice Mask

· One Set of Instructions for Using the LifeVac

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